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We support all your daily used gadgets and technology.

We support all of your day-to-day home technology needs

Learn what thousands of happy Karmik Services customers already know: we don’t stop until your technology issues and problems are solved. By providing you with immediate support from capable and experienced expert techs via phone or internet, we make your life a whole lot easier. Our customers often tell us that they don’t know what they did before having Karmik Services support at their fingertips.

When we state that we can help you with all of your home technology needs, we really mean it. We connect to your computer remotely and handle issues ranging from virus and malware removal, computer tune-ups, troubleshooting email problems and more. We can back up your data on the cloud and configure your smartphones and tablets. You name it and our highly skilled, our professional techs are standing by and ready to handle it. With Karmik Services, the technology support you need is always just a phone call, chat or email away!

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Immediate Support

Connect with one of our expert techs either via phone or internet. We can even connect to your computer remotely.

We support a wide range of issues and devices

Virus & Malware Removal

We perform a full and thorough malware/virus removal on any infected computers to ensure that the system is fully clean and secure.

Computer Tune-Ups

Your computer requires basic preventative maintenance. Our computer tune-up will ensure that your system is running as fast and efficiently as possible.

Home Networking

The home network is becoming a necessity. However, networking devices, such as routers, can quickly become complex. Our support techs can solve any issues that you encounter.

Email Services

We can set up and troubleshoot your email account on any computer, smartphone or tablet. We can also back up your emails, calendar and contacts/address book.

Internet Connectivity

Are you having trouble getting any of your devices online, such as computers, smartphones or tablets? If so, we can get them working.

WiFi Connectivity

Wireless internet is a convenient and useful technology that many devices use. We can assist with connecting, troubleshooting and securing a wireless connection

Data Backup Services

Back up your important data such as pictures, videos, music, and documents through our cloud data backup service. It’s a fast, efficient, secure and reliable.

Program Errors & Crashes

Software crashes and errors can be frustrating and difficult to fix. Our tech experts are skilled at resolving these kinds of issues.

Microsoft Windows

Windows is the most commonly used operating system for PCs. We support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Apple Mac OS

Since Mac OS is different than other operating systems, it requires a different set of expertise. Our techs are well versed in all facets of Mac OS X 10.5 or newer.

Printers & Multifunctions

We have in depth experience with all the major brand of printers, scanners, and multifunction machines. We can help with the setup and troubleshooting of these devices.

Training & Guidance

Do you need a question answered, or to be shown how to do something on your device? Our techs are readily available to provide you will the appropriate guidance.

Software Applications

Computers and mobile devices run software applications (or “apps”). From Microsoft Office to games, our techs are familiar with all of the widely used apps.

Smartphones & Tablets

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are integral parts of our lives. Yet, they have their own unique systems that sometimes require expert assistance.

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